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LYMAN Round Dining Table

LYMAN Round Dining Table

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The EGGREE modern dining table is the perfect choice for a discreet yet functional table to save space in any dining area, featuring a white MDF tabletop and light solid wood legs that exude a homely atmosphere of popular Scandinavian design.

  • The EGGREE modern dining table is the perfect solution for those seeking a discreet table that can be placed in any room to save space while maintaining a trendy and contemporary style.
  • Featuring a white MDF tabletop and light solid wood legs, this table exudes the cozy and inviting ambiance of popular Scandinavian design, making it a perfect addition to any home decor.
  • With its functionality, comfort, and practicality, it is easy to see why the EGGREE modern dining table is not only modern but also versatile enough to fit into any style of living, making it a valuable investment for any household. Plus, with free shipping, it's an even better deal.


Product Name LYMAN Round Dining Table
Main Color Black
Main Material MDF, Metal
Product Dimensions

80 x 80 x 73cm

Product Weight 16.25 kg
Weight Capacity 100 kg
Warranty Length 2 Years
Warranty Limited

B2B Description

Samples No Samples Available
Assembly Requires Assembly
Product Customizable Customizable
Order Customizable Available
Trade Program Trade Available
Product Package Packaged
Stack Unstackable
Number of Cartons 1
Stock availability Factory Direct

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