Sanctions Policy

EGGREE offers a direct link between buyers and sellers across the globe. When you use the Services of EGGREE, you are responsible for complying with this policy, irrespective of your location.

This policy is a part of our Terms of Use.By using any of our Services, you agree with this policy and everything mentioned in our Terms of Use.

To protect the marketplace, EGGREE takes measures to ensure compliance with sanctions policies. For example, EGGREE prohibits using accounts of EGGREE in specific locations. If we believe that you are using your account from a restricted location mentioned above or are in any way violating the economic sanctions or trade restrictions, we may terminate or suspend your account or the usage of any of our Services. Members are not allowed to list, purchase or sell products that come from sanctioned areas. Items that pre-date sanctions are also not allowed because there is no certain way of verifying when they were removed from restricted locations. EGGREE has the right to ask for more information about any item like country of origin in a listing or any step to comply with the rules. We also have the right to disable any listing or cancel a transaction that threatens the policy in any way.

Our Policy​

  • We comply with global sanctions laws and regulations in our business operations worldwide.
  • We do not conduct business with, or involving any, sanctioned countries, territories, entities, individuals or goods and services.
  • We do not participate in transactions that would expose our business or that of our counterparties to compliance risks.
  • We manage our sanctions risk exposure by training our employees on sanctions compliance, conducting due diligence on our counterparties and ongoing monitoring of sanctions regimes.

We require our employees to be alert to sanctions risks and to report any sanctions issues identified to our Compliance Team.

All Our employees, partners and contractors must be aware of any potential sanctions restrictions relating to our business activities, including:

  • Who We Do Business With: Screen all counterparties we do business with, understand exactly who we are in business with to avoid association with bad actors;
  • Where We Do Business: Screen all jurisdictions we do business with to ensure compliance with sanctions on restricted countries or territories;
  • How We Do Business: Monitor sanctions regimes on an ongoing basis and make sure we do not circumvent, evade or facilitate a breach of sanctions regulations;
  • Red Flags: Report any suspicious activities or third parties which may raise sanctions concerns

If you are in any doubt or have any questions, please contact our Compliance Team before proceeding further.

We will consider non-compliance of this Policy as a serious matter warranting disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. If this Policy is violated by any third parties, customers or vendors, their contracts will be terminated immediately. Violations of sanctions can also have legal consequences for individuals involved, including severe monetary fines and imprisonment.

If you know or suspect that there has been a violation of this Policy and/or the applicable law, you should immediately report the violation or red flags to our Compliance Team. You may share your questions or concerns by contacting with us.


EGGREE members must also know the involvement of third-party payment processors like PayPal, in the transactions. These third parties monitor transactions to ensure compliance with their policies and can block any transaction if they believe is violating their policy. EGGREE has no authority over the decisions made by these independent payment processors.

The economic sanctions and trade restrictions for the use of our Services can be changed with time, so the users should check the sanctions resources regularly to keep updated. For any legal advice, please contact a professional.