Eggree established in 2000 aims to be Global Professional Furniture Supply Solutions.

It is Eggree’s unique experience that allows us to offer design, quality and value – hallmarks that set us apart from most traditional furniture stores. We support FOB, OEM, DDP by sea, Pick-up in local warehouse, Dropship, Retail & Wholesale trades

We match a deep knowledge of contemporary furniture manufacturing with first-class e-commerce expertise. By concentrating on what we do best – and only that – we’re faster, more efficient, and focused. Due to self-owned distribution center, we provide fast service without trouble free from order to delivery

We have over 20 years experience in furniture trade where we’ve built long-term relationships with manufacturers. We have worked in partnership with over 100 factories with qualifiations and advanced equipments, which are mostly from well-accepted furniture manufacture base: China, Malaysia, Poland, Turkey, Vietnam, etc.

EGGREE carries new brand name furniture at affordable prices.

You can find new furniture and accent pieces for less, including some of the biggest names in high quality furniture.

We also have tables, chairs, sofa, and furniture from top manufacturers direct.

We believe that great design is made for everyone. A common goal from EGGREE: Bring modern and classic furniture to those who appreciate it.

All our products is made with balance and a perfect combination of enjoyment of art, practicality and functionality, thus achieving a fresh, casual and dynamic image, which makes us an example of lifestyle.

At Eggree, our mission is to find the highest quality furniture for our customers at the best prices that we can offer.

We believe that elite service is essential in providing a superior customer experience.

With our top-level selection, competitive prices, and exceptional customer service, we strive to be your number one choice for furniture and accessories.

We have worked in partnership with over 160 factories with qualifiations and advanced equipments, which are mostly from well-accepted furniture manufacture base: China, Malaysia, Turkey, Vietnam, etc. Most of indoor furnitures are produced locally and guaranteed with ISO9001, ISO14000, BSCI and FSC standards.

Our furniture is made by the same people who supply many high street stores.

However, we also have Furniture Choice teams in the factories overseeing additional quality control and testing to safety standards and compliance.

These same teams on the ground also identify and resolve any design and production issues early – before shipping – which keeps quality tight and prevents costly mistakes.

Complete with professional QA personel in every furniture manufacture base, we ensure that every product is approved strictly before production and every shipment is inspected in accordance with AQL standard before loading. The most important is we purchased product liability insurance for each manufactured product and support 2 Years Warranty.