AI Design Services

Whether your space is big or small, our team will handpick furniture and decor to round out the room perfectly and create a custom design package just for you.

Free Expert Advice
We're happy to provide general design advice or just assist you in finding the perfect pieces for your space and style.

What to expect?

  1. SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST: To get started, just fill out and submit our online form which covers basic details of your space, style and vision
  2. GET INSPIRED: Our designers will provide their expertise and product recommendations to transform your room.
  3. SHOP THE LOOKS: You can easily add the items to your cart online or shop in-store with one of our associates.
  4. DELIVERED TO YOU: We'll ship your items along with a customized floor plan so you can place your pieces perfectly.

AI Design Services by EGGREE

Waiting for inspiration to strike when designing your home is great…unless inspiration never comes. For those times when you’re all out of ideas and don’t know where to start, Eggree is here to help. We offer free interior design online so you can transform any dull space into the paradise you’re dreaming of.

Maybe you have an idea of what you want your room to look like, but you just don’t know how to accomplish it. Or, maybe you simply have a theme or color you want to adhere to. Whatever the case, our design specialists can take a look at your space and make expert recommendations for what will work best.

Online Free Interior Design

So how can you get free interior design advice – all without leaving your couch? It’s super simple! All you have to do is fill out our form that asks you a few questions about your house. We’ll want to know more about your space – is it a bedroom, dining room, or main entrance? Don’t worry, because we can handle all areas of your home.

Next, we’ll ask more about your style. Do you prefer modern farmhouse décor? What about mid-century minimalism? If you need a refresher on what these styles look like, you can shop by lifestyle to browse and get a feel for your aesthetic.

After that, we’ll ask you what colors you prefer. You don’t need to have a specific color name ready! Rather, it’s more about what palette you’d like, whether it’s pastels or warm tones. After that, we’ll also ask you about your fabric preferences, including whether you like velvets, patterns, or microfiber.

Finally, we’ll ask you a few more questions about your lifestyle, including how you’ll use the space, any limitations of the space, and whether or not you have fur babies. With all of this info, we’ll get to work creating amazing kitchen, living room, hallway, or bedroom ideas for your home!

Free Expert Design Advice

When you get our help to decorate, one of our designers will be in touch within one to two days, and they’ll have your room completely planned out within ten days. The best part? All of their recommendations will be available right from EGGREE! You can add them to your cart right away or head to your local EGGREE store to pick them up in person.

This isn’t just a list of furniture you should buy. We’ll also provide you with a customized floor plan so you know exactly what goes where. No more second-guessing yourself.

Get EGGREE’s help to design a house for free!