How to Create Personality Apartments That Appeal to Young People? | EGGREE's Corporate Business

How to Create Personality Apartments That Appeal to Young People? | EGGREE's Corporate Business

What do apartments that young people prefer to live in look like?
How can one open an apartment and ensure it is fully booked every day to quickly recoup the investment?
EGGREE has the answers to these questions for those in the public housing business!
EGGREE has helped many apartments with their corporate business by creating various room types with themes such as network, fitness, cuisine, and social activities.
These rooms include gaming rooms, live streaming rooms, and best friend rooms. Come and explore the different theme rooms like the best friend room, gaming room, live streaming room, and engineering student room.
Come and experience them all!

Double Room with a Theme of Engineering

For friends in the STEM field, practicality in home decor is often a priority. EGGREE has tailored a clean and organized, yet classic design for their double bedroom model.
Oak Coffee Tables
Coffee Tables
Light Brown 86 x 86 x 10 cm
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 CARB Oak Coffee Tables

Combining a large and a small coffee table together creates a more stylish and unique look for your home.
couch for sale


Armchair Grey 2-Pack


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 single sofa

The SEATER sofa without armrests allows for a quick nap after a long day of overtime work. The black sofa cover is stain-resistant and durable, with a soft and smooth luxurious texture.
LUCCA Cushion Upholstered Side Chair
Chair Transparent 2PCS
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 LUCCA Cushion Upholstered Side Chair

An transparent chair that is able to reflect the surrounding environment, with elastic seats and backrests, providing high comfort. Sitting on it makes one look like floating in the air.
MILO Single/Double Metal Bed Frame
Bed Frame Black
197 x 142 x 82 cm
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 MILO Single/Double Metal Bed Frame

The steel bed frame features a simple yet versatile design, with ample space underneath for storage boxes to keep off-season clothing and bedding neatly organized.

BFF Room - Twin Room Theme

Living with a best friend is a lifestyle that many girls have longed for. EGGREE has recognized this demand and created a best friend room that is both intimate and independent.
NAPLES Nesting Coffee Table
Coffee Table Glass 80 × 45 cm/ 60 x 35 cm
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 NAPLES Nesting Coffee Table

A round coffee table adds a touch of casual ease compared to a square one. It's perfect for girlfriends to sit around in the living room, catching up on the latest gossip and chatting about their favorite TV shows, and having heart-to-heart conversations until dawn breaks.
dining room set
Table and chair sets
Blue and White
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Live Stream Topic: Solo Room

More and more young people are joining the live streaming industry, either out of interest or as a part-time job. An apartment that can meet the needs of live streaming can provide a lot of convenience!
SUGAR Single Metal Sofa Bed Frame
Sofa Bed Frame
Black 207 x 93 x 95 cm
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 SUGAR Single Metal Sofa Bed Frame

Replace the double bed with a space-saving sofa bed to free up more indoor space for live streaming props. When friends or relatives stay over, simply pull out the sofa bed to create a double bed.
ELM 3-in-1 Coffee Table



Side Table Brown 120*50*44 cm


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One piece of furniture can serve multiple functions such as a bedside table, coffee table, side table, and small dining table!

Kids tables and chairs theme

Make your child's room child-friendly with our cute, colorful tables and chairs
kids table and chair set
kids table and chair set
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 kids table and chairs

The green double-seater sofa echoes the main color tone of the room decoration. The metal legs ensure the stability of the sofa and add industrial and modern elements.
Bosses who are eager to open apartments,
Call on EGGREE to help you with your business!
We have a steady grip on the preferences of young people,
Customizing personalized decoration design plans,
Move in ready without any worries!
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