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EGGREE Established in 2000 aims to be Global Professional Furniture Supply Solutions. We believe in providing professional furniture experience solutions, excellent design and crafted design for outstanding customers.

We can have these furniture standards and selection teams on our own, overseeing additional quality control as well as safety standards and compliance testing and avoid the expensive mistake.


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Our Style

There's a reason our tagline is “Everyone Can Live Like This.” By this, we mean getting the looks you love, with the prices you can afford, at the time you want them. It means offering every type of style, because no two homes are exactly the same. It means exclusive brands, like our EGGREE label, and personalized options at every turn. It means giving you everything you need at once, And it means delivering it all quickly, because style should never wait.

What We Do

  • At EGGREE we strive to bring you:

    Variety of choices – so you don’t have to run all over town. We have hand-selected products based on the latest trends, styles and colors to the tried-and-true classics that stand the test of time
  • High quality selection – so you know that what you are clicking on is going to live up to your expectations.
  • Styles at every price – so you feel great about your purchase.
  • Reliable customer service – that puts your mind at ease while shopping online

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a leading international furniture supplier offering innovative and superior quality products. This statement reflects our purpose and anticipation for the future, driving us to providing the best “value for money” products accompanied by the best service in the industry, right from design to delivery.